Remodelling a 1960s house

The midcentury suburban home, at least until recently, has not been given the reverence it mightily deserves. When Sarah Brown began her house hunt, she found that—much to her dismay—many of the homes had suffered such fates. It was not so much the layout, because our house has what I think is a rather unique s layout, but more the way it was meticulously organized, cared for and decorated my grandma also loved pink.

My grandmother had left me money for a down payment and after meeting the original owner it just felt right. With some choice furnishings, a few minor additions, and some fresh coats of paint, she pulled it off. I just love this use of black and white with some punches of bold color. I so want to live there!

Just bought a midcentury house? My 9 tips before you start remodeling + 21 more from readers

I love that coffee table! Do you happen to have any better pictures of it you can send me? Fab remodel! I really love everything! Just basically updating the surfaces. Very smart! One can only imagine the millions of suburban interiors that are just waiting to get this treatment. It looks nice, just genuinely wondering. Sarah — Chad just told me the house was featured…. Congrats : xo Riley. This makeover is an inspiring look into the process, before and after, which is something we rarely get to see in most posts on home projects.

Thanks for letting us take a peek. Certainly there must have been a way to modernize certain aspects of the living room without covering up the original structure and still have the elements work together in a harmonious way.

I was always proud of our home because it was unique. A few weeks ago I went to a family wedding in Palm Springs and got a map to see the mid-century modern homes there. I took that stuff for granted when I was younger but now appreciated the remodels that take them back to their beginning.

Love love love — so many ideas to take from this. But, am I alone in thinking that the before pictures were awesome as well? I especially liked the living room, it looked really cozy. It just makes me so happy to see the beautiful, unique renovations posted in DS. This is truly one of the most wonderful—surprising, bright, pitch perfect in every way—the art, the flow of the rooms, that gorgeous black paint and white paint—every detail just works so well.

Congratulations on this great makeover. PS: I would love to see what you do with your garden.Here are the biggest and most common renovation issues you should prepare for.

Before & After: A 1950s House Gets A Faithful but Modern Update

My husband and I bought our 's Colonial about a decade ago. And how much will it cost us? Although some of the problems that come up during renovations apply to newer homes too, older homes have special issues. Electrical wiring and plumbing problems are common in older homes. Before the s, galvanized pipes were used both within the house and for sewer lines as well. The problem with galvanized pipes is they easily get clogged or corrode over time. Old electrical wiring can be a safety hazard and will need to be brought up to code.

remodelling a 1960s house

When remodeling my bathroom, I learned that I needed to hire an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel. Depending on your needs and the appliances you own, you may even need to upgrade modern wiring to support new appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other projects. Older homes were constructed to different building standards and codes than today, and often with completely different materials.

Bathtubs were smaller, doors narrower, and rooms were smaller too. Renovating an old Brownstone? Shopping at architectural salvage stores or other reuse centers can help, as can finding remodeling pros that specialize in older homes. However, be ready to pay more if you really want to get your hands on matching, original materials that are more restoration than renovation.

Rebirth: Our 1960s Ranch House Exterior Remodel

Master bedroom with walk-in closet and attached bath? Open floorplan layout between the kitchen, dining, and living room? Not in older homes. Back in the day, homeowners had live-in staffs who cleaned and cooked for them, and Victorian-style homes had a room for every.

Common building plans in earlier decades also involved tenement housing, so large buildings were cut into small apartments. With outdated layouts, finding room to expand a space or rearrange the layout can be tricky. If you want to modernize your home e. For example, water pipes for an attic bathroom addition ran exposed through other rooms, rather than through walls or other hidden spaces, the way they should be.

But with older homes, especially those old, charming homes that have been standing for decades, you may not know. The A. Shop Subscribe.

remodelling a 1960s house

Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Melanie Pinola. Filed to: home improvement. Open kinja-labs. Melanie Pinola Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Any time we feature an amazing kitchen transformation, I love to take note of just how much character you can DIY into a kitchen! We see kitchens that are mixing styles that I would never think of — and they look amazing and their owners love them because they are a perfect fit for their exact style.

DIYing really is the best way to express your unique style! One of my favorite places to see the DIY creativity is in kitchen islands. We all have different wants and needs for our kitchen islands, and sometimes builder-grade and manufactured islands are not even close to what we want, or how we want it to look. So, a-diying we go!

A kitchen island can be anything you can dream it to be! Justin and I recently built a kitchen island -slash- dining table for our kitchen :. If you want your island to be a bit more modular for regular use and entertaining, our guest Sweet November revamped a dresser into a colorful kitchen island :.

And our guest Stacy from Serene Swede completely made over her builder-grade kitchen island :. Hi, there! Over at my blog, I rant about DIY projects, junk decor, thrifty finds, crafty creations and other decorating dilemmas. I suppose my specialty is my furniture painting. You can find a round-up of my best furniture makeovers here. My signature colors are navy and kelly green, which I fully admit to using too much of.

Those colors can be found on my Ralph Lauren Inspired barstoolsas well as multiple other things in my DIY project gallery. A couple years back, Grunt Labor the husband and I purchased a s brick rancher. It was a foreclosure. Surprisingly though, most of the house was in good shape. Except for the fact that nothing had been updated since when it was built. The kitchen was the one room that turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Here is the before: Sexy, right? Just to be clear, that stainless steel refrigerator, stove, and microwave did not come with the house.

No appliances did, besides the non-working dishwasher. We had to buy new appliances as soon as we moved in. To open up the kitchen, as well as the dining room and living area, we knocked down a couple walls. By knocking down the walls, it made room for an island, which is my most prized possession in the room.

I kid. Maybe not. Grunt Labor and I built the island. It is five feet long, a little over two feet wide and right at about three feet in height. Not too dominant, but still functional. For the legs, we used salvaged porch columns from a local architectural salvage store. We made a frame of 2x4s to go around the columns at the top and also used 2x4s to connect the columns at the base.

Building Science: Remodeling Old Homes

We used screws to connect it all. After the countertop was installed, we just got the island measured for the same countertop the cabinets have, which is Silestone in Bianco Riverwe added decorative trim around the top to hide the screws.

A coat of white paint and my barstools finished it off nicely. When we set out to do this renovation, we decided to keep the cabinets. They were just in too good of shape to get rid of.Plus21 ideas from readers excerpted from an earlier story about planning kitchen remodels.

Perspectacles above provided by Anne Taintor. Yes: A house is a depreciating asset. Saucy source: Anne Taintor. A while back, in a story about planning for a kitchen remodel, we asked readers to share their experiences and thoughts. Meanwhile, here are some highlights:. The sink drained fine when we had the house inspected, but before we had even moved in, it stopped. We knew when buying that statistically, the plumbing was about at the end of its life, but we were glad that the immediate need to spend that money showed up before we had committed it to anything else.

As a house shopper, it was frustrating to see new countertops in houses with rickety furnaces or windows. That gives us a slightly different set of challenges but pragmatism is universal. One of my biggest challenges is that I do have safety concerns to address, and making other improvements at the same time makes so much sense I kinda have to do it all at once. The important thing to do no matter the scope is to have a vision and know what should be done all at once plumbing, electrical, and insulation for the whole house and what can wait buying cabinets and countertops, deciding if I want a tall pantry or a little extra work space but what I do to the place works toward what I want in the end, and gives me flexibility to let the house tell me what to do later.

This does not pertain specifically to kitchens, but I got a home performance audit right away. This means that a professional came in to evaluate insulation, carbon monoxide, proper venting in the kitchen, bath, and laundry room, etc.

I would definitely recommend one of these to ANY new homeowner. Even if you plan to live with things a while, get qualified and licensed professionals to look over your infrastructure plumbing, electrical, etc. Those things can affect the changes you make and the cost and you should know those things up front, particularly if you do need to go ahead and fix something.

Worry about the cosmetics later. For ideas, tour both old and new homes. I had a friend who lived in a 1 bedroom s bungalow that had so much smart storage original to the house it was unbelievable. You can get ideas for built-ins that will help you work with small spaces.

And new homes can sometimes be very creative as well, particularly those built on small lots in urban areas because they may also have to maximize space while appealing to a modern aesthetic.

Set a budget and challenge yourself to try to come in lower. Get to know your house and put all that energy into gardening and decorating before embarking on any major renovations. If you have an old house and you bought it because you love old houses — then embrace it.Habitus is a movement for living in design.

From our base in Australia, we strive to capture the best edit, curating the stories behind the stories for authentic and expressive living. While the Mid-Century Modernism of s house design has since given way to Neomodern, new classical trends, some classics never die. The middle of the 20 th century was a changing era for architecture, design, and style. And for s house design, this was an exciting time. From the lavish, Mad Men-esque homes of the wealthy to the modernist design the general public could now enjoy, the houses and apartments of the s have a lot to love.

The beauty of the mid-century-modern design pieces from the s is their versatility — you can treat them as feature pieces or liberally use them throughout any contemporary space. The beauty of 60s house design is that, today, the clean lines and minimalism of the products and furniture from the era can stand alone, or be paired with feature pieces and artwork to serve as a canvas space for expression.

Set against a rapidly changing and more expression ready political and social setting, colour pallets soon exploded into bright oranges, yellows, blues, greens and reds. Colours for s house design are all about expression, passion and action. Consider bold colours in a kitchen coating, an accenting appliances piece, or daring to put in a bold feature wall art piece in the living room — the s, and going retro today, is all about making a statement.

Beloved and classic for a reason, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are icons of mid century modernist design. First designed in the decade prior, it was s house design trends that helped propel this pair into iconic status. From flat pack furniture to iconic S and pod-shaped chairs made of space age materials, s home design saw furniture designers really stretching their creative arms.

Metal, glass, wood and PVC were now all fair game when creating ranges to suit any number of home styles, and this is something we still see today. Open shelving in the Danish style was now being embraced all over the world, often now used as room separators.

With homes now being built with additional family rooms or dens in addition to formal living rooms, the TV could become the central point of this additional room.

And today, this design style still informs the majority of our family homes, and the individualistic approach to aesthetics is something all design lovers can appreciate. In the s, technology was exploding alongside design and culture. With the space race in full swing, culminating in the moon landing intechnology not only inspired design aesthetics, but also enabled greater explorations of possibilities for home design.

The old school aesthetic of kitchen appliances offers a timeless charm, and paired with contemporary sleek technology can help serve a bridge between an appreciation of the s home design trends, and the necessity for use to grow and evolve with design. Interiors Interiors. All Post from Interiors.

Showers Of Praise. All Post from. Around The World. A Hygge-Inspired House By studiofour.Finding an unloved home ripe for a remodel can be a great find.

remodelling a 1960s house

If you think an remodeling project might be the project for you, then take inspiration from these incredible homes that got an exterior facelift during their remodel.

Rachel and John MacElvogue have extended and remodelled their s home to include a self-contained granny annexe and extra space for their growing family. Thanks to the team at Paul Testa Architecturethis home has gone from a tired detached house to a modern home. Fresh render, timber cladding and new windows add a contemporary feel, while the entrance has been moved to the centre of the property to create a more symmetrical look.

Dan and Liz Burgess have transformed their old bungalow in Berkshire into a stunning oak clad family home. The existing red brick of this five-bed home in Winchester has been clad in a muted palette of materials, including white and grey render. New windows and a contemporary front door canopy add to the look. Shop now. This charming New England-style home is the product of a nine month remodelling project on a tired home in a large plot.

Owner Glenn Malloy compared the original appearance of their home to a community centre, but it has now been given a glamorous contemporary makeover. Sarah Cartwright and Paul Soanes have transformed a drab bungalow in Dorset into a stunning contemporary coastal home that takes full advantage of the enviable views. Thanks to a series of one and two storey extensions, and new open plan configuration internally, this bungalow has been transformed into an impressive contemporary home by Martin Bell at Transform Architects.

If you want to transform your home with an extension, find out how much it would cost with our Extension Cost Calculator. It is a waste of resources, time and money.

When you planning a cheap house renovation fix up or remodelling the present areas can be really convenient! You can find here this interesting example of remodelling. Image: Nigel Rigden. Image: Andy Hatfield. Image: Martin Gardner. Thinking of remodeling your home? Get two free tickets.Spring is all about rebirth, right…especially Easter?

When Britt first saw our soon-to-be home, you could barely see her from the street. Although the yard was overgrown, we saw a diamond in the rough and felt with the right amount of TLC we could bring her back to life. So after working on the interior which was in about the same shape! All of the above was done within the first 5 years of living in our home. Lastly…and more recently…we added a path made of chunky crab orchard stepping stones from the front porch, through the large landscape bed, towards the street.

We did this for 2 reasons:. So for those who have asked, there you have it — what we did to the front of our s ranch to give her a new lease on life. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks friends. Oh Thusie…thanks so much! It was certainly a labor of love…that we enjoyed making happen and are enjoying still! Hugs, D3. What a well thought out transformation!

Many of us make changes slowly over time……and that is okay! Thanks Kim! Yes, quite a transformation that we really love living in…and the story it tells! And you are right…it is MORE than okay to take your time during the transformation process.

Thanks again my friend, D. WOW, what a great job. You should have your on TV program. I love your yard also. Thank you Martha! Thanks so much for your encouraging words…as always, you are so kind!

Oh my, your before and after pictures are amazing! That landscaping!

remodelling a 1960s house

As I read, then I started imagining your interior re-do. It must be just as amazing. Hey Kris…thanks for chiming in and for your oh-so-kind words! Yes, I think the interior spaces went through an equally significant transformation. Although not within the typical scope of RYG blog posts, you got me thinking that perhaps I should do several posts on what we did inside.

Stay tuned…and thanks for the idea!!! Take care, D. This is the first time I have visited your blog. Nice job!! Is it holding up well? Any suggestions? We are so glad we painted our brick. We have had ZERO maintenance issues.

We painted it 15 years ago and have only had to repaint the trim needs to again!


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