Mcq on overhead transmission line

In a 3 unit insulator string, the voltage across the lowest unit is The total voltage across the string is. Two insulators of identical capacitance C forms a string for a 22 kV, 50 Hz, single-phase overhead line insulation system. If pin to earth capacitance is also C, then string efficiency is. A string insulator has 5 units. The string efficiency is. There are 20 discs in the string insulators of a 3-phase, kV transmission line.

What is the maximum voltage across any disc? If the voltage across a string insulation assembly is 38 kV, number of insulator discs are 4 and voltage across lowermost disc is 12 kV the string efficiency is. Consider a 3-phase, 50 Hz, 11 kV distribution system. Each of conductors is suspended by an insulator string having two identical porcelain insulators. The self-capacitance of the insulator is 5 times the shunt capacitance between link and ground.

The voltage across two insulators are. Two insulators of identical disc form a string. The self-capacitance is 8 times the pin to earth capacitance. The maximum voltage each unit can withstand should not exceed The line voltage of the complete string is. A string of suspension insulators consists of 4 units.

The voltage between the line conductor and earth is kV. Find string efficiency? A string of 6 suspension insulators is to be graded to obtain uniform distribution of voltage across the string. A string of 7 suspension insulators is to be fitted with a grading ring. Share this:.Show Explanation Answer. Improve voltage profile.

Switching Voltage. For a given cross-section, the radius of the conductor is increased. Corona loss is given by. Ques For a transmission line with negligible losses, the lagging reactive power VAR delivered at the receiving end, for a given receiving end voltage, is directly proportional to the. Line voltage drop. A long overhead transmission line is terminated by its characteristic impedance.

Under this operating condition, the ratio of the voltage to the current at different points along the line will.

mcq on overhead transmission line

Remain same at all points. Provide a shield to the phase conductors from direct lightning stroke. The time taken for a surge to travel a km long overhead transmission line is. Whenever the conductors are dead-ended of there is a change in the direction of the transmission line, the insulator.

Strain type insulators are used for handling the mechanical stress at the angle position of the line i. The non-uniform distribution of voltage across the units in a string of suspension type insulators is due to.

50 important MCQ of Power System with Explanation 2020

Note: The full explanation of voltage distribution over the string type insulator will be explained in the theory section. Upload mcq of power electronics with explanation.

Improve voltage profile Explanation: Shunt Compensation Reactive power plays a very important role in the power system stability. The main idea behind shunt compensation in a transmission line is to provide enough reactive power so that it can transmit power according to increase or decrease in load demand. Thus during light load condition shunt compensator is able to minimize the line overvoltage.

During heavy load demand, shunt compensator is able to maintain appropriate voltage regulation.For complete protection of a three-phase transmission line, we require. The transmission line distance protection relay having the property of being inherently directional is. A line trap in a long transmission line is used to. Protect the line against direct lightning stroke. Which of the following factors should be considered in the design of a transmission line against lightning with ground wire?

Clearance between line conductor and ground wire. Clearance between the line conductor and earth. Overhead ground wires are used to protect a transmission line against. Voltage surges due to direct lightning stroke.

High-voltage oscillations due to switching. Enter the code above here : Can't read the image? Click here to refresh. Contact us: info mechanicaltutorial. Your name: Your Email: Your Comments:.

Three phase and three earth fault relays. Three phase and two earth fault relays. Two phase and two earth fault relays. Two phase and one earth fault relays. Dampen the over voltage oscillations.

Overhead Line Insulator MCQ

Confine the carrier signals in the line. Mechanical strength of ground wire.Ques 1. By which of the following method electric power may be transmitted from one location to another location?

Explanation: Electrical power is generally transmitted by two methods i. Show Explanation Answer 2. Underground Transmission line. Ques 3. Name the cable or conductor which connects the distributor to the consumer terminals.

Show Explanation Answer 1.

mcq on overhead transmission line

Service Mains. Ques 4. Which of the following materials are not used for the transmission and distribution of electrical power? Show Explanation Answer 3. Show Explanation Answer 5. All of the Above. Ques 7. The phenomenon of rising in voltage at the receiving end of the open-circuited or lightly loaded line is called as. Show Explanation Answer 4. Ferranti Effect. Super tension cables are used upto the voltage level of 33 kV.

They are further classified into 3 types. Ques The operating voltage of Extra high tension cable is upto. Which of the following methods is used for laying of underground cables? When the alternating current flows in the cable it produces a pulsating magnetic field. This pulsating field links with the lead sheath and induced current in it.

This sheath current produces sheath losses. Due to which of the following reasons the cables should not be operated too hot? Besides a method of trial and error, which of the following methods is employed for the solution of network problems in an interconnected system? All of the above. Which of the following D. Radial system. Most of the distribution and part transmission of electrical power is nowadays carried out through underground cables because of several advantages over the over-head system.

Many times locating a fault becomes a difficult task because the cable is hurried under the ground and is not accessible.

The faults which are most likely to occur are :. Show Explanation Answer.

mcq on overhead transmission line

Three-phase four-wire. Suspension Insulator.These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. View Answer. Daily Current Affairs October Daily Quiz October Go To Download Page Close. A Resistance. B Attenuation constant. Answer: Attenuation constant. A Lumped. B Distributed. Answer: Lumped.

D Polarisation. Answer: Conductance. Answer: D None of the above. A Series, shunt. B Series, series. C Shunt, shunt. D Shunt, parallel. Answer: Shunt, parallel. A 20 KV to KV. C Above KV.

Steady State Performance of Transmission Lines Part 1 - Crash Course in EE - RLC Education India

Answer: Above KV. A shape of the conductor. B surface treatment of the conductors. C conductivity of the material. D geometrical configuration. Answer: geometrical configuration. A kV - kV. B kV - kV. Answer: kV - kV. A conductors are painted. B conductors are anodized.Local Search Directories Local search directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch allow members of their networks to write reviews about local businesses.

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