Harry potter fanfiction snape reads the books

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry Potter Characters read the Harry Potter books. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Stories in which the Harry Potter characters read the Harry Potter books.

This is not "Harry Potter Characters read fanfiction of fanfiction". Book of Assurance by thestralrose reviews The Weasleys are extremely worried about Ron, Harry, and Hermione after their escape from Bill and Fleur's wedding. The Next Generation are sucked into the past with their parents and people who should be dead Before the events of The Vanishing Glass, Albus, Remus, Sirius, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all appear in a room to read seven books and have the opportunity to change things.

Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone by kubby12 reviews Christmas at the burrow with the Potters, Weasley's, Lupin and Sirius starts out like any other year. Until a strange present arrives followed by strange visitors.

An Adventure Within I by R. Firefly reviews The Marauders are in for a big surprise. Books that aren't suppose to exist are in their hands. A story of a young boy will change their lives forever. Hoping For a Better Future: Book One by bakaprincess85 reviews One day after the end of Harry's third year, he wanders the castle when suddenly a whole package of books falls on his head.

Read my version of Reading the Harry Potter Books! All of them are in the Room of Requirement. Time has stopped. This takes place after Horcruxes. There will also be moments written by me I felt J. Rowling left out. How will they react when they learn about their future?

What will they change? Read and Review. I'm aware that it's been done before, but I've always wanted to write one of these. Friendships will be tested. The order of the Phoenix reads Harry Potter Books by gabbythegoddess reviews Remus and Sirius use a spell to get the books because they want to know abut Harry's life, and share them with the order of the Phoenix. Story is a lot better then this horrible summary.

Umbridge wants revenge and finds the Harry Potter books. I apologize for how original the title is, sometimes even i can't handle my own awesomeness. A lesson, the room of requirement exit is sealed shut so that people of the D. A can't get out and Hogwarts decides to send them the Harry Potter books to read. They read the books Philosopher's Stone by Uminoruka reviews Umbridge finds the Harry Potter books and reads them to the great hall.

Just a warnning! Fancy Changing the Future? Living under the harsh rule of King Voldemort, a girl sends a book into the past. Set in Summer between Gof and OotP. Dumbledore stumbles upon a set of peculiar books, and a unique kind of magic. A Mask by deanchristopher reviews Harry Potter the perfect chess piece knows he is being manipulated and he wears a mask to hid from the wizarding world.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

harry potter fanfiction snape reads the books

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What would happen if a different harry potter universe read their different books? Prepare to see the characters in a new light Essentially I was writing a story and thought 'hey, how would XYZ react to seeing this' Hence, this story Could anyone help add the 'reading the story part'?

Struggling to do it myself tbh Harry has won the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric is dead, and Voldemort is back. Before he can process these recent events, he and many others are invited to the Room of Requirement to read a very special set of books. If they knew what was going to happen, would they have been able to change everything. It was a normal day when they all were summoned to the great hall, to read about a special boy of the future. And perhaps when they know what is going to happen and if they can change them for the better.

During the summer after the Triwizard Tournament, Albus Dumbledore brings news of a mysterious volume appearing in the Department of Mysteries. Within its pages, the names of many Hogwarts students pop up countless times. This leads to the discussion and reading of the volume to see what it contains and if it can yield any information impartial to the demise of Lord Voldemort, whose forces are ever-growing in power and numbers.

Interesting, unforeseen facts come to the surface, including many stories as well. Follow the residents of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place as they uncover the mystery that is soon to be known as the past, present, and future.

Six teenagers ran towards the ministry only to be stopped by a note flashing in front of them. Now their friendship and families at stake, they start discovering many things. It is going to change their lives. Well that's the question I set it up that Jung Sungho kidnaps the reader. Cassiopeia Potter is reading her life story, including her future, in the form of an alternate dimension male version of herself books.

What could go wrong? What will be revealed? Are Percy and Annabeth more traumatized then they thought? This will have slow updates and is cross posted on Fanfiction. Lily Evans just wanted one good day.

12 Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2020

It became clear to her that the universe didn't want that to happen. A mysterious letter shows up, the families of every student at Hogwarts showed up, kids from the future appeared, oh, and she has to read a book in the Great Hall in front of everyone. Andromeda is older than Bellatrix and Narcissa. Nymphadora Tonks is in her fourth year at Hogwarts and two years behind the Marauders and Bellatrix. This story takes place in the s and Harry's story takes place during the present-day.

More than a good quarter of the holograms were Hogwarts students, decked out in their uniforms, looking as if they came straight out of class. Some of the adults looked like they were from the Ministry, but some were in the midst of a duel with some students, while others were stunning the black hooded figures.

In which in the midst of being hunted by the infamous murderer and Azkaban escapeeSirius Black, Harry Potter witnesses a part of the Battle of Hogwarts with the rest of the Hogwarts population.Severus Snape comes into his rooms one day and finds a package with a card saying "read me".

Upon reading the title "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", he puts it aside and grabs a potion text to read. Only the writing in every book or student essay he tries to read has been replaced with "Chapter One, The Boy Who lived". Giving up, he sits down to read the book and learn and few truths about the son of his schoolyard enemy.

Note: dullastacks now seems to have withdrawn from fanfiction, but the story, chapterscan be found here. Note Three: There is a link herealthough again it only contains chapters Note Four: If you don't like the version linked to in Note Three, try here. Still only chapters Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Vernon Book : I'm not having one in the house, Petunia! Didn't we swear when we took him in we'd stamp out that dangerous nonsense? Snape: "Stamp it out? So help me, Dursley, if I find one mark on that boy that was put there by a hand larger than your son's Snape mentally, about Harry : It was as if he'd been hit with some sort of counter to the Felix Felicis at birth.

Snape: No, whale-spawn, your father's not gone mad, he's simply an imbecile.


Ron: [to Harry] Don't push it, I've heard Snape can turn very nasty. He'd felt that way many times as a youth, when Lily would take him by the hand and pull him into her house for a meal or kind words. Basic human compassion made no sense to someone made to feel guilty for their own birth. And somehow, he'd missed that same shadow in Harry.

Highly suspect in his qualificationsWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Harry like usual is caught up in everything. Fourth Year turns out to be one of the best years he's had. It gave him the opportunity to be himself, for once he wasn't living up to anyone else's standards. He makes new friends and finds a few truths that shouldn't have been hidden from him.

Sour Severus Snape is stuck at Hogwarts until the day he dies he always thought that he'd be alone till then, fate seems to prove him wrong. Sometimes redemption comes from unlikely places and hatred can be just as powerful as love. Ahsoka Tano is reborn as Ahsoka Potter.

Everything changes, and yet nothing does. He gains a creature inheritance, has to battle for his life, gets thrown into politics, and meets many mates. Some known, some completely new to him. Harry is spiralling into a never ending fit of depression, he slits his wrists and goes a step to far this time. Lucky for him or not, Snape finds him and helps him, along with Draco.

Begins with the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts and the fun-filled period that is Harry's N. Then jumps to the year Teddy joins Hogwarts and focuses on how the pining Headmaster Snape and oblivious Professor Potter navigate their friendship and secret romantic feelings. After being hit with the rebounded killing curse, Voldemort realizes that he has been set up.

Instead of fleeing to Albania, the incorporeal Voldemort attaches himself to the only living being left in the destroyed house of Godric's Hollow - Harry Potter.

Harry has survived his first year at Hogwarts, a school created by his uncle one thousand years in the past. The Philosopher's Stone is safe, You-Know-Who is gone, most of his school year is more united than any cohort seen in centuries, and everyone is safe and happy - right? Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to agree. His new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor is an absolute moron, his uncle is struggling with something that he refuses to talk to anyone about, tensions are rising at home, and nightmares about dragons just won't leave him alone - and he hasn't even got to Hogwarts yet.

After a well-meant call, Harry is brought into the system. He's kicked out home after home, until he finally lands at the Hermes' Home for Children. When Minerva McGonagall delivers his letter and welcomes him to the magical world, Harry doesn't hesitate to start using the gold under his control to get out of the children's home.

Harry Potter Books & Fanfiction — An Analysis of Words

Harry Potter has just received letters from his deceased parents on the train to Hogwarts, painting the picture of a complex family history in an even more complex magical world, but one kind gesture from his thrid parent has him making very different choices. WIth so much change to the way his time at Hogwarts could have gone, how much can stay the same? Let's find out. Harry is excited to start his first year at Hogwarts as an official student and not merely tutored as a professor's child.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

HP read the books and my favourites. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: A collection of the characters read stories, including marauders, order, hogwarts, DA, Weasleys, Death Eaters, present time and next generation reading the books. Also, some of my favourite stories that I think everyone should read. Very few crossovers. It seems to be more my favourite stories now since the reading the books are being deleted. All suggestions are welcome.

The champions have to have their stories read, and its Harry's turn. Starring Nico and Pedro too! Sick and tired of the way everyone is trying to force him to become Ginny's boyfriend, our hero is seeking for a way to tell everyone what he thinks of them.

Alas, things do not turn out the way he thought they would. No pairings. Hawk-Eyed Charlie by sakurademonalchemist reviews A baby is left on a doorstep, only this time Petunia Dursley isn't the one who takes it in.

Charles 'Hawk-Eye' Potter, retired Sniper of her Majesty's Army is surprised when his adopted grandson turns out to be his own flesh and blood. Now Jamie has to deal with learning magic on top of his regular studies. It's going to be a bumpy ride if he wants to be a pilot in the RAF!

Fantastic Elves and Where to Find Them by evansentranced reviews After the Dursleys abandon six year old Harry in a park in Kent, Harry comes to the realization that he is an elf. Not a house elf, though. A forest elf. Never mind wizards vs muggles; Harry has his own thing going on. Character study, pre-Hogwarts, NOT a creature! But James keeps trying to sabotage their relationship out of petty jealousy. My Brother!

Harry's little sister: Emma Lily Potter, most witches and wizards don't know she exists. How different would he be growing up with a someone he loved and who loved him back? Harry and Emma go to Hogwarts where they make friends, duel, brew illegal potions, form a guild, fight Wizarding prejudices and get burdened with a terrible secret.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Reading Harry Potter books. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Founder: mariahp3 - Stories: - Followers: 94 - Staff: 2 - id: Aliy katerina Arider12's Reading Stories by Arider12 the 2nd reviews Information inside about Arider12's Reading at Hogwarts series, plus previews and prologues. If you're wondering what happened and what's going to happen as Harry, Ron, and Hermione read through their years at Hogwarts, click and read to find out!

Chaos Ensues by Coaloki reviews The next generation accidentally get sent back in time Dumbledore receives a gift from the future.

harry potter fanfiction snape reads the books

Witht the help of a book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - They will decide whether to change what is to come or leave events to play out. How will they react when they learn about their future?

What will they change? Read and Review. Finding about the future by HPMarvel reviews They just got done with the second task now and eating dinner when suddenly a flash of light and 4 people appeared and books and a note appeared in front of Dumbledore to read about the future with some guests. What if a few books had been in there instead? How would that affect the Second Wizarding War? Would they be able to change the future for the better?

Read to find out. Everything belongs to JK Rowling, except the plot. Nine teenagers come back from the future with dire warnings. Loved Ones will die; evil will rise and fall, yet not without a price.

But there's hope. With them the children bring books foretelling the future, in the hope lives may be saved. With his guilt as his driving force, he calls together a small gathering of people to read through his experiences and shows a vulnerability he has never displayed before. Can his future change for the better or will he destroy everything that he once had? Umbrige reads the forth Harry Potter book to the hogwarts students, staff, and a few special guests.

Features Next Generation genmarauders, and I will update Rated for violence and romance. Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Lily find the Goblet of Fire by amber-chick reviews This shows the Marauders from finding the fourth Harry Potter book and deciding to read it. Due to guidelines, however, the main bulk of the story is archived elsewhere - info inside.Story Author Community Forum.

This c2 contains largely harry-centric story plots and include AU-time travel, super-powered, action, adventure, drama and much much more. Always looking for a Good Story.

This C2 is made up of only time travel fics. The ones in here are the ones that are pretty decent to amazing. None of those fics with horrendous grammar. I've looked for other C2's with lots and lots of time travel If you're interested in joining the staff, feel free to PM me!

Heh what do you know they are all guys. Crossovers too and Creature! Harry Mod note: I would love some new staff. Just message me if you would like to be on the staff.

This includes Dark, AU, time-travel, and post-hogwarts stories. I try to only include stories I believe either worth a look even incomplete or that are being worked on. Full of excellent Dramione fanfics you'll truly enjoy.

Forbidden love never felt this good. This is not "Harry Potter Characters read fanfiction of fanfiction". This is for all Femslash lovers some hints of male involvement as long as the ladies are in a relationship with each other.

If I missed any please tell pm. September should see me back upto fics again in Archive. She's a powerful genius so there should be a community showing her awesomeness with getting multiple guys! Note: I can't guarantee that the endgame will always be her and multiple guys. Let me know! English - Staff: 0 - Followers: - Since: - Founder: helikesitheymikey. These stories stand out for being well written and original. Their exciting plots and twists make them a joy to read and reread.

I try to avoid DG ships, but occasionally make an exception if it's a really good story. English - Staff: 6 - Followers: - Since: - Founder: witowsmp. Stories that are well done and of any type, along with a few one-shots, so long as they aren't slash, yaoi or disturbing. Other pairings that caught my attention as well. It's a bird, no a plane, no,its

harry potter fanfiction snape reads the books


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