Church security certification

Benefits of The Watchman Church Security Certification Program Innovative Tactical Concepts is the first and only training company to offer a church security certification course. Much like law enforcement who qualifies annually with their firearms, your security team should keep their skills up to date and should attend continued education courses. This re-certification process will help you if, or when, any of your security team members come under scrutiny by the legal system, or even within your own church.

How will this look to the jury or to the rest of the world? Maybe it will be viewed as that you have a bunch of armed security personnel who are not trained, or, do not train at all? Why take the risk of not being properly trained and or maintaining your skill set? The annual church security re-certification can be a review of what you learned through your initial security training with us, or it can be something new such as concealed carry, gun disarms, etc.

Another advantage of the security re-certification program could be lower insurance premiums. In essence, you are buying a level of legal protection by getting trained at least once a year. Another great benefit is that our experts will help defend your church or team members in court should you need us to. All that we ask is that you cover our expenses in doing so. Most people do not understand the dynamics of a life-threatening situation.

The majority of people have been brainwashed by Hollywood in some manner, and will make their decision based upon a false reality. The more training you have works against you in a court of law when it should not. That is where our professional staff can help you, maybe even more than your attorney.

church security certification

It is very important to understand that your church security team is either an asset or, a liability. If there is any doubt that they are an asset, then they ARE a liability. And, if they are a liability, then you should not have them protecting the flock, because in reality, they ARE the threat to your church. Not only does this apply at the team level, but at each individual team member level. If you have not trained with us, then you might want to check out our on-site training program.

Church security conferences are designed for training-the-trainer, and we cannot vouch for the quality of training if it was not conducted by one of our certified instructors.A safety-minded church is a growing church. View our training materials and ready-made kits. Home Training. As keepers of the flock, we must ensure that the main thing remains the main thing. A church that fails to prepare — prepares to fail. Is your church really prepared to grow to the next level?

Many churches spend a great amount of time and money learning how to assimilate newcomers and grow the Body of Christ, but what about maintaining order and safety?

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Is your church really prepared to meet the basic needs of the congregation during an unexpected emregency? Or, will the enemy use the tools of chaos and disorder to destroy your efforts and image within the community? Tragedy can strike in a single moment. Yes, even at church. From something as simple as a medical emergency, a missing child, or a disruptive guest. How you respond not only dictates the outcome and safety of others, but determines the civil and criminal liability you may face.

We can assist and provide training that is designed to equip and prepare your staff to maintain order and bring about a safe resolution to crisis. Remember, a safe church is a growing church.

We offer specialized training by an industry leader. Dwayne Harris is a leading voice in church safety and his personal ministry and law enforcement training and experience have made him a sought after speaker at conferences and church leadership events. Dwayne has a gifted teaching style and intertwines spiritual and physical intervention techniques to create a well-balanced approach to church safety. Would you like Full Armor Church to present during your next church leadership or training event?

We can help you equip and train your leaders and local congregation on how to create safer houses of worship and safeguard the integrity of your ministry within the community.

Whether you need topical workshops or on-sight personal training and emergency preparedness — we can help. Hosting provides a cost-effective solution to training and allows you to certify your entire staff and volunteers without accruing all of the fees associated with individual travel and lodging.

As a host ministry, you can personalize the training experience and incorporate churches within your denomination or surrounding community. Host ministries can also choose to include professionals from other organizations to provide additional safety or ministry based training options and break-out sessions.Across the United States, Americans congregate in faith-based venues to worship, learn, play, and bond as a community.

However, public gatherings are vulnerable, and adversaries may perceive houses of worship as attractive targets where they can inflict mass casualties, cause substantial psychological impacts, and draw extensive media coverage.

The Department of Homeland Security DHS offers numerous resources to assist faith-based and community organizations with their efforts to prepare for all types of hazards, whether natural or man-made. Technical assistance is provided through presentations, workshops, training, webinars, tabletop exercises, and training. Through its Hometown Security initiative, these resources are made available to communities, including faith-based organizations. Many of these resources were created in collaboration with private sector partners to ensure they are useful and reflect the evolving security landscape.

The list of resources below was created to help the private sector with their security planning, and many of these practices can also be used more broadly in local venues visited by large numbers of people, such as faith-based organizations. Applying these four steps to prepare for an incident or attack can help businesses and their employees to plan for their role in the safety and security of their businesses and communities.

DHS established a comprehensive program focused on active shooter preparedness in order to position public and private sector stakeholders to more effectively plan and prepare against this threat. Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Training. Training is taught around the United States through direct delivery in a traditional classroom setting or online through a virtual instructor-led training platform, and through computer-based training.

Training courses available to faith-based communities include:. OBP provides a wide array of awareness products—including cards, posters, checklists, brochures, videos, briefings, and applications—designed to share counter-IED awareness information with the general public and across the public and private sectors to prevent, protect against, respond to, and mitigate bombing incidents.

Products available to faith-based communities include:. It's important to know what steps everyday citizens can and should take in the event of a bomb threat. This video, developed in conjunction with the University of Central Florida, the International Association of Chiefs of Police IACPeducates viewers on the best practices and procedures when receiving a bomb threat.

PSAs can also help with more in-depth activities, such as vulnerability assessments and security surveys. Regardless of whether an organization would like the level of hands-on technical assistance that a PSA can provide, or they just want to learn at their own pace through online resources, DHS offers free tools and resources to help faith-based and other community organizations plan the best way to reduce the likelihood or minimize the impact of a successful attack on local venues.

Resources to Protect Your House of Worship

Get started today by contacting NICC hq. For more information, please visit www. The no-cost resources are designed to provide faith and community leaders and employers resources to prepare for and mitigate against a natural or man made emergency or disaster, including an active shooter incident. The following resources are designed to provide you with an approach to test and think through how to respond to a natural or man-made emergency or disaster. Skip to main content.

At-a-Glance Guide for Protecting Faith-Based Venues The Department of Homeland Security DHS offers numerous resources to assist faith-based and community organizations with their efforts to prepare for all types of hazards, whether natural or man-made.

Planning and Preparing for Active Shooters DHS established a comprehensive program focused on active shooter preparedness in order to position public and private sector stakeholders to more effectively plan and prepare against this threat.

Active Shooter Resources DHS maintains an online repository of active shooter products and resources, including outreach materials to better prepare individuals and organizations against a potential active shooter situation.

These products include a desk reference guide, a reference poster, and a pocket-size reference card. Issues covered in the active shooter materials include profile of an active shooter, responding to an active shooter, training for active shooter, creating an emergency action plan, and tips for recognizing signs of workplace violence. The curriculum incorporates interactive breakout sessions, hands-on planning activities, first-hand accounts from active shooter survivors and responders, and planning for individuals with disabilities.

To learn about upcoming workshops, please contact ASworkshop hq. The ISC subsequently released a public version suitable for private sector use. The Guide draws on the experience of over 50 agencies to provide best practices and guidance on active shooter situations for law enforcement agencies, facility tenants, and the public. Visit www. The Toolkit is an online portal that provides the whole community with tools to aid in implementing all six areas of the National Preparedness System, including exercises.

To create an Exercise Toolkit account, please visit www.Church Security Basics is the handbook for church security ministry success.

If you've been approached by the pastor or elder board and asked to gather information on forming a church security ministry, this is the resource you want in your hand today. It is the true A-Z guide to help you navigate your way through the complex issues facing your church security ministry formation. It was instrumental in helping me form my team. You have truly thought of everything, I would have missed a lot if I hadn't read this ebook.

The Church Security Starter Kit is the Done For You resource that saves lost time, helps you avoid lengthy meetings, and saves your church money in up front costs. In addition to a security team manual template, the Starter Kit has a medical team policy template, reporting forms, presentations in case you have some convincing to doand a qualification course for armed team members.

You over-delivered on this resource. I was worried, but you guys made it so easy. Thanks so much! There are specific skills your team needs to develop to be effective when an emergency happens. Discover how to easily train them every month or through a live training event.

In September a church in TN was attacked by a gunman. While the church did not have a security ministry, it did have people who made important decisions that saved lives. Discover how a trained security team may have prevented this tragedy and the vital skills your team needs. The most important skill your church security volunteers can have is excellent verbal skills. Poor verbal skills can turn a bad situation into a worse situation. Reman calm, use persuasion and gain compliance.

There is nothing worse than being sued or going to jail, and both of these things can happen if your team members do not understand the limitations of their role. Discover the laws your church security team follow, and how to prepare them to succeed. When a bad situation happens, your security team, leadership, staff, SS teachers and congregants need to know what to do.

Help them make fast decisions and give them permission to act to save lives. Show this video to everyone in church. Traveling throughout the U.We were very pleased with the service provided by our travel consultant, Sofia. She was very prompt in replying to all our queries. We enjoyed the itinerary where different experiences were offered - various train rides and cruises.

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church security certification

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church security certification

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church security certification

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Church Security Training Course

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