Can you live in a caravan park

Can I park a caravan on my vacant block of land? This is a very interesting question, because some people want to know whether or not they can park their caravan on a vacant block of land after they purchase it.

So, can you park your caravan on a vacant block of land and live in it? The short answer is no, not really. The longer answer is you really need to contact your local council to find out more information. Some of the things that I could find and think of were things like inadequate sewage.

Also inadequate living conditions; they could be concerned about squatting, or having multiple people on a property and it getting quite disgusting. Things like people living in warehouses, or living in barns, or even living on caravans on blocks of lands.

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You may be able to do it for a short period of time. Say a week or two weeks, if you give a good enough reason, or you may not be able to do it at all.

It really does depend on the council that your block of land is situated in, and what their rules are. Things like Kennards and Storage World and those sorts of places can store caravans as well.

Maybe parked in the driveway and have a teenager using it as their bedroom, or it may have another couple living in the caravan in the backyard.

How to Live in a Caravan, Motorhome or RV in the UK

Again, you would need to approach the council. That is something that I see done across the country. I hope that answers your question, whether or not you can park a caravan on your vacant block of land. Want to achieve baseline financial freedom and security through investing in property? Want a low risk, straightforward way to do it? Join more than 20, investors who have transformed the way they invest in property.

Inadequate Sewerage Some of the things that I could find and think of were things like inadequate sewage. Inadequate Living Conditions Also inadequate living conditions; they could be concerned about squatting, or having multiple people on a property and it getting quite disgusting. Illegal Use Of Dwellings They could be concerned with illegal uses of dwellings.We use cookies to make the site easier to use.

can you live in a caravan park

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can you live in a caravan park

I won! I once watched a program where this lady lived in a static caravan on a holiday park and this was her one and only home,i thought that wasn't allowed. I know there are some lovely cottages some even with a garden that are much cheaper than " normal" houses. Not to be recommended. Most have max 11 month occupancy and very, very limited security of tenure. There are parks in Cornwall that you can live in all year round - these are usually in manufactured homes - not static caravans.

can you live in a caravan park

I have a friend who moved to one in Devon, took early retirement at 50, rented out her house and off she went. Strapped Forumite 8. Lots of people do live in holiday accomodation, but you have to vacate it for one or two months of the year depending on the holiday usage rules for the particular site. One of my relatives does so, as she spends half her time here in the UK and half abroad.

You need to do lots of research though, and it's not quite the "home of your own" that you might think, as sites often have lots of quite restrictive rules and regulations. I think PasturesNew used to live on a mobile home site, although I think it was a residential rather than holiday site, so hopefully she might see this thread.

They deem him their worst enemy who tells them the truth. There are many static retirement sites but many have age criteria and strict rules, one I am aware of the people who live there are not allowed their grandchildren to stay over for example. Another option I know of wardens who work helping run parks who live on site the 10 months of the year they are open usually it's between 8 and 11 then go elsewhere for the others.

One day I might be more organised Also as it woyld be a holiday park, assuming it isits not classed as resenditial so you have probs re credit, as a technicilality you are homeless and not on the electrol role. Good point from the other poster, e noise, you would need to take into account that the neighbours may well of saved up all yr for that weeks hols,let the children run around, yes for one or 2 weeks, we'd put up with it, bur for longer.

Also the sites have a list of rules and regulations, one example we have come across you are not allowed to hang washing outside the caravan, on a rotary dryer, only on the caravan hanger supplied. I imagine many HH owners would love to let their place on a long-term basis, but they simply can't. Another thing to bear in mind is that you have no assured tenancy. Whether you can be given notice to quit and when, depends on the terms of the let, I think.

But it could be far less favourable than the 2 months you would get with an AST. I'm a peri-menopausal axe-wielding maniac. PasturesNew Forumite As the above posters have pointed out, there are a number of issues. Holiday homes are subject to special planning permission and are dictated to by the Council as to how long they're allowed to stay open.We use cookies to help improve your experience with personalised content and tailored advertisements. Over the past 10 years we have seen a major growth in the number of parks in the UK offering lodges in addition to their standard static caravans for sale.

Although some lodge only parks now exist they are generally offered as the premium choice for customers alongside standard caravans. A clue to the benefits of a 12 month caravan park is subtly hidden in the title. While most caravan sites will close for around two months a year during the off season, these caravan parks remain open for the duration.

This brings with it a few obvious advantages. The first advantage is the ability to take a holiday in your caravan whenever you wish, instead of being limited by the closed season of your caravan site.

When you have paid for your holiday caravan and annual site fees — it can be frustrating to then be told that your caravan will be off limits to you at certain times of year, even if those are winter months. The majority of UK holiday parks have a close season from 1 — 4 months over the winter as they are generally very quiet. This also allows them to complete major maintenance tasks and allows the park to regenerate.

While most caravan parks will allow you access to your unit during the close season, they will not allow you to remain overnight or to use any of the facilities onsite which will be shut ; purchasing a holiday caravan on a site with a full 12 month season ensures that this is not an issue, as the park will remain in full operation.

So, whenever you decide take an impromptu trip to your static caravan, with a good weather forecast — you can, with no restrictions on overnight stays or use of facilities. Getting as much use out of your unit as you can is vital to getting good value for money from your investment in ownership. Having month access to your caravan makes this easier.

While winter is often associated with squally weather and grim conditions, those occasional crystal-clear days when the air is sharp and crisp can make winter one of the most rewarding times of year to get away. Easy winterisation of your holiday caravan is another, less obvious, benefit of a 12 month season at a caravan park. Winterisation relates to the preparations a caravan owner must make before they leave their caravan unattended for an extended period of time over the winter when the caravan park is closed.

If your caravan park is open throughout the winter, the time your caravan needs to be left unattended is reduced. A year-long season enables you to check on and use your caravan from time to time, running the heating and the water and minimise the damage caused by the cold winter weather.

However, it is important to stress one point: A 12 month caravan park is NOT a license for caravan owners to move into their caravan full time. Any users looking for residential park life are better looking at Park Home sites. Under UK law, citizens residing in the UK must be registered to pay council tax somewhere. Most reputable holiday parks will need to check you can provide proof of another permanent address.

Regulations vary between local authorities, but permanent residence in an unregistered caravan is a major no-no wherever you are in the country.

Can I Live in My Static Caravan?

While the wording of some holiday caravan legislation can be ambiguous, the local council will still come down hard on you if they think you are abusing the system. To avoid landing yourself and your caravan park owner in hot water with the taxman, use your holiday caravan for holidays only, even if the site is open 12 months a year. Bear in mind when holidaying over the winter that it can get pretty cold at times, so ensure that your caravan is equipped with double glazing and central heating to keep you warm and cosy even in the most Arctic of conditions.

It has a spacious living room, modern fitted kitchen, a comfortable master bedroom, two twin bedrooms, a large shower room with a power shower and a toilet suite. It also includes FREE double glazing and central heating. Cookie settings We use cookies to help improve your experience with personalised content and tailored advertisements.Please call or textor click email Free ferry for your appointment to view call Frazer come and have a look for yourself!

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Review of laws for long term caravan park residents underway

MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed. Martin's blog. New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! MaryLou18 Forumite 5 posts. Has anyone sold their house and moved in to a caravan?

Seriously considering it, but don't know whether to make the move. Basically, we want to take money out of our home and pay less for bills. Downside is there is less space. Need some serious advice as I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance for your help x.

A caravan might be great in this weather but in winter it will be cold and damp. Cakeguts Forumite 7.

can you live in a caravan park

Static caravan is likely to have higher bills due to less insulation so more difficult to keep warm. There will also be site fees so it may not work out any cheaper than buying a cheaper house in a cheaper area of the country. Pros erm Are you talking about proper park homes as opposed to a caravan? DCFC79 Forumite Davesnave Forumite 32K posts.THOUSANDS of caravan and holiday home owners were left in panic yesterday over fears they would be kicked out of their properties amid the coronavirus lockdown.

A Government announcement on Monday night said all campsites, caravan parks and tourist hotspots were to be closed in a bid to keep people safe. It led to an estimated 5, holiday home owners, mostly elderly pensioners, fearing they had less than 24 hours to collect their belongings and leave — with nowhere else to go.

Another family at a park in Dorset, staying in a holiday home for six months while their house was being renovated, were also told to leave before 7pm last night.

But after almost 24 hours of confusion, fretting holiday home owners were finally told they were exempt from the eviction if they had nowhere else to go.

The National Caravan Council, which represents motorhome, caravan and holiday home industries, last night insisted people were not obliged to leave their properties if they had no alternative accommodation. Don't miss the latest news and figures - and essential advice for you and your family. To receive The Sun's Coronavirus newsletter in your inbox every tea time, sign up here.

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Can I Park A Caravan On A Vacant Block Of Land?

All Football. Ben Leo. Live Blog. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.Living in a Caravan is a growing option for many people across Australia. To accommodate for this growing demand, long term caravan parks are offering residents a place to live permanently at an affordable price.

Majority of people who choose to considering living in long term Caravan Parks are fixed income pensioners who may have too much money for public housing but not enough for regular housing or retirement village living. Also many retirees feel that they no longer need their large family home. Perhaps they had several children growing up in the home and now they are left to maintain the house in their older years. Before considering Caravan Park long term rentals or purchases we need to first understand that the Caravan Park owner owns the land that all Caravans sit on, regardless if its a moving tourist van or permanent van.

You will pay rent for the land under your caravan on a weekly basis. The Park owner will also set the rules and obligations for its residents and if not followed the resident can be asked to leave with their caravan.

You will purchase the caravan from the previous owner and it may look and feel permanently set to the ground but if things change with Park management you will need to pump up the tyres and pull your caravan out of the park. If possible it would also be a good idea to speak to the current residents and ask them if the park management are fair and reasonable. Popular locations for caravan parks with long term stay in mind are the major cities.

Also many retirees look towards northern parts of Australia as a good option where temperatures are warmer. They can enjoy more outdoor activities, such as lawn bowls, gardening or even fishing and boating. Keeping that in mind there are plenty of long term caravan parks on the Gold Coast to accommodate these sun-seekers.

As there is such demand for warmer weather locations, not only are there long term caravan parks on the Gold Coast but also plenty of residential parks with larger relocatable home options. Many residents may come from major cities and have family still working in or near the city. There are many long term caravan parks in Sydney, located in outer suburbs that offer affordable accommodation for a major city. Other states in Australia can assist with cheaper retirement housing options with long term caravan parks in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

After Sydney and Gold Coast, long term caravan parks in Melbourne is the third most popular location for long term caravan parks. A key benefit that may attract retirees to long term Caravan Parks is that you can be eligible for rent assistance from Centrelink, great news if retirees are living on a budget.

Long term Caravan park rentals can be considered if purchasing a onsite Caravan Park is not possible. A word of warning, things can becoming complicated as there are two landlords in this situation. You may rent the van from an owner however this owner actually rents the land from the park management. If there are problems that occur between the van owner and park management then you may be left high and dry.


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